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the hue Academy


We are embarking on this journey to stand out! We start together, to see what it's like to unlock 100% of our potential, to see what it's like to be more than good at your job.

Let's banish all the filters we think we need and satisfy our need for success!

We are a group with a different perspective. We want to put together pieces of different puzzles to put together more than just a complete hair picture. We want to create a new way of life, a lifestyle, for hair.

With you we will build comfort, practicality, excitement, passion, fashion, expression!

Come with us to change the image that the world has about hair.

We will take it together from the beginning! We are not overturning what you have learned. We will not learn together to do magic and achieve the impossible. However, together we will find the paths you can follow to reach your result faster. We will find ways to avoid falling into traps. We will build a new code of communication with the customer to fully understand, every time, their needs and special "wants".

The shortest way to reach your destination is the straight line.

Story so far

The start of the academy was marked by the first collection titled Lucce e Sombra in February 2020. So far they have created two more collections, they have created seminars on precision cut, balayage as well as styling seminars.

In August 2020 they took 1st & 2nd place in the precision cutting championship Greece, while they themselves took over the organization of the championship from 2021.

in the same year they won gold and bronze at the estetica magazine awards, in the influencer of the year and artistic team of the year categories respectively.

Meet Our Team


Founder & Educator

Raised in a hairdressing family, he realized early on his love for hairdressing by taking his first steps in his mother's hairdressing salon. It didn't take long for participants in the artistic group of Art of color to enter the field of education. Co-owner of a hair salon and trainer, he has found that his modest collection of knowledge is what helps him every day as a businessman and as an artist.

In his career, he has many dance performances and events, as well as awards such as the 2nd place in IPCC Greece in 2020 and the first place in the influencer of the year category in the estetica magazine awards.

An innovative, creative and restless spirit, he wants to transmit his passion and knowledge as best as possible through his training.

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Founder & Educator

Kevin Ioannou, a graduate of a school of tourism professions, came to hairdressing at the age of 22.

Versatile, a lover of fashion and pop culture, open to change and a supporter of the natural are the characteristics that make him suitable for this space.

In his experience, beyond the hairdressing area, he counts participations in the editing of hairstyles in dance performances, in theatrical works from amateur productions to Herodion and in fashion photography, in recent years he supports the team of The art of color, and in 2020 , took first place in the precision cut championship.

Co-founder of the hue academy, he believes that talent without practice is worthless and considers continuous education the rule for success.

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